Corporate & Culture | How to fix the mistake at work and how to deal with it?

Corporate & Culture | How to fix the mistake at work and how to deal with it?

Allow yourself to feel your emotions, Perpetuate what exactly happened, apologize, Change how you work, Don’t Crib it all time

We all make mistakes in personal and professional lives, and it’s not like a bad sin that would be with you forever, mistakes mean the thing you said or did unknowingly and spontaneously. As we grow up, when we start out jobs newly, at the start we make a lot of mistakes while learning and working because it takes time to understand the culture of work, people, and how to communicate, handle ego, and most importantly, how to not take things personally not with your work, but with the people exist there.

There are also times when you get angry or cry at work, it’s natural, nothing is wrong with feeling these emotions, but what's wrong is that when you dump this emotion on to other people at work or home. There are also the messiest situations where you failed badly like missed a deadline or came to a client meeting completely unprepared.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions:

The first wrong thing people do when they make a mistake is get frustrate and blame others for their mistakes. This not gonna solve the problem, rather it creates more mess!

Take a deep breath, and don’t blame yourself constantly and divert your mind from that messy thoughts and drive yourself to good things.

If every time you gonna takes the situation personally, you cannot work and can’t concentrate on other work. Just MOVE ON!

Perpetuate what exactly happened:

After some time, when you really get out from the guilt bubble, just think once about the whole scenario and analyze what got wrong! With this, you are allowing yourself from preventing the same mistake, for instance, not arguing with the boss who is rigid, or arguing with the coworker, from this you can learn, expressing anger and resentment will be like honking at the cow to understand what you are going through!

Fix your mistake (if possible) & apologize:

Understand one thing :

Saying Sorry only when it’s your fault is not compulsory at all, there would be times when you have to say sorry at times when you are not at fault at all. For eg., to your manager or your boss.

But if you have done a mistake, fix it by apologizing depending upon how big or small the problem is via email or in person.

Keep it small and to the point: “Hi [XYZ], I sent you the wrong sales report this morning. I’m so sorry about that. I just emailed you the correct one, but please let me know if there’s anything else I can do.”

But if any of your colleagues were touched by the mistake, reach out and apologize to them as well. But be mindful of who you share the news with, not everyone in the office needs to know.

Change how you work:

You should constantly be altering your work schedules until you get the perfect work routine that works best for you!

If you're always missing your deadlines and behind work, you have to check your routine. Consider waking up early or get a good diet or just join some activity to boost you up. Incorporating healthy habits will keep you feel good about yourself and take out all the negative energy.

Don’t Crib it all time:

Mistakes become news when you talk about them all time to your colleagues. Don’t create gossip about yourself at least.

In Conclusion,

Different culture at work demands different styles of work and attitude and enacting yourself rigidly at one state is not gonna run the process of your work, you have to communicate with the different ranges of people who will poke you with detrimental tactics like sarcastic answer, not taking you seriously or understanding you, genuinely saying, problem is not YOU, the real roots are THEM. That's why it is well said that "Love your work instead of pampering people around it, you will be more happy in life"